Mission Statement

Excellence in all things is our goal and our guide - excellence in the great arcs of formation and in the minute details of daily existence.

Excellence in our context cannot be accidental. It is purposeful and driven. It must be the reason for our living.

Each person at Redd, Brown & Williams, no matter what role he or she fulfills, is called to perform that role with integrity and excellence. Excellence that is habitual, continual, and purposeful fulfills us as individuals as well as a community of friends.

Mediocrity, half-heartedness, and a spirit of the mundane have no place at Redd, Brown & Williams.

History of Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services

Proudly Serving the Area Since 1950!

  • 1950

    Ed Redd and Coke Williams began Redd, Brown & Williams

    Ed Redd and Coke Williams began our company in 1950 when they merged their separate insurance and real estate agencies to form the Redd & Williams Insurance & Real Estate Agency. The company operated out of a small office on Main Street in Paintsville, KY and became a successful local business.

  • 1964

    In Honor of Paul D. Brown, Sr. 

    In 1964, Paul D. Brown, Sr. joined Redd & Williams as a commissioned agent working to provide for his wife and four children. Mr. Brown, a graduate of Paintsville High School, received a basketball scholarship to Transylvania University, Lexington, KY which he attended for a year. Mr. Brown, not having a car hitchhiked to Lexington for school and worked full time in an attempt to stay in college.

    Even with Transylvania’s assistance, Mr. Brown could not afford to stay in school and found himself working weekdays in a Detroit auto plant. He later returned to Paintsville as an Insurance and Real Estate agent. Paul put in long hours and often worked seven days a week to learn and grow the business. In the late 1960's, Mr. Williams retired from the company and Paul purchased a portion of his ownership with Mrs. Williams retaining a portion as did Mr. Redd.

    As time passed, Paul purchased Mrs. Williams interest and eventually Mr. Redd's interest as well, when he retired. At that time, the company became Redd, Brown & Williams. Paul continued to work diligently to grow Redd, Brown & Williams.

  • 1979 and 1980

    Mark Grim and Paul David Brown, Jr. became a part of the company

    In 1979 and 1980 respectively Mark Grim and Paul David Brown, Jr. became a part of the company upon their respective graduations from Eastern Kentucky University. Redd, Brown & Williams continued to grow and in 1980 built a new office building in Paintsville to house the expanding business. By this time Redd, Brown & Williams Insurance and Real Estate Agency had twelve staff members.

    As the business continued to expand, it became evident the Insurance Industry was changing significantly and in order to continue to provide the people of East Kentucky with the very best Insurance Services, Redd, Brown & Williams Insurance & Real Estate separated the Insurance and Real Estate divisions. The Insurance Division of the company merged with another successful local insurance company in 1997.

    Mark Grim stayed with the Insurance Services portion of the company, Paul David Brown was named CEO / Pres of the Real Estate Division of Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services. In 2000, Paul David Brown moved Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services to a newly renovated location at 201 Bridge Street in Paintsville.

    For several years, RBW had expanded its market share and had many clients and customers in the adjoining counties of Floyd, Pike, Magoffin, Martin, Lawrence and other East KY counties. Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services, due to increased business growth, decided to open a branch office in Pikeville, KY. This location began in Coal Run Village and then moved into current location at 685 N. Mayo Trail in Pikeville.

    Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services also opened branch offices at 110S Clay Street in Louisa, KY as well as 253 University Drive in Prestonsburg, KY. Redd, Brown & Williams is now the largest Real Estate Services Company in East Kentucky.

  • November 2014

    Cathy Brown named Main Office Manager

    The main office location manager is Cathy Brown. Cathy has been with RBW since the mid 1990’s and continues to provide experience and dedication to the growth of Redd, Brown & Williams. She is a Licensed Real Property Appraiser and Realtor.

  • July 2010

    Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown Day, the third generation of the Brown Family to be a part the company

    Jennifer Brown Day, the third generation of the Brown Family to be a part of Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services, began as a real estate sales associate and associate appraiser after her graduation from Georgetown College. She continued to gain experience, become more and more involved in community, and was named Pikeville Location Manager in 2008.

    Jennifer has led the Pikeville location to be one of the most productive branch offices of Redd, Brown & Williams. “Jennifer has the work ethic of her grandfather,” states Paul David Brown. She is determined to see the Pikeville location and the entire company of Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services as the preeminent real estate services firm in the Tri-State.

  • July 2010

    Prestonsburg, KY branch Opens

    Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services also opened a branch office in Prestonsburg, KY which is managed by Cindy Legg. Cindy has significant real estate and appraisal experience and remains committed to maximize her location’s potential. Cindy continues to be a valuable asset to Redd, Brown & Williams management team. She is a Certified General Appraiser and a Realtor.

  • Lisa Robertson

    Location Manager Louisa Branch

    Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services also have a branch office in Louisa, KY under the management of Lisa Robertson. RBW has shown great growth and community involvement at this location. Lisa continues to strive to be an invaluable asset with her enthusiasm and desire to be the best at her profession. Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services continues to advance in the rapidly changing real estate services business. RBW is the leading production real estate and appraisal firm in the region. Redd, Brown & Williams’ four convenient locations in Paintsville, Prestonsburg, Pikeville, and Louisa have grown to a staff of thirty members and RBW is proud to have been voted the leading Real Estate, Appraisal and Auction firm in East Kentucky.

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