Smarter Tech

Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services has an “intelligent property management system” which learns, adapts and remembers, adjusting rates in realtime based on trending local events, seasonal patterns and market demand.

Regional Expertise

Our staff includes Property Management Real Estate Associates who are the best local talent and work with clients from all parts of the USA and beyond. RBW’s Property Management Staff also proudly work with area organizations and groups to promote tourism and economic growth in the region.

Property Types

RBW manages In Line Commercial Plazas, Stand Alone Centers, Land Leases, Townhouses, Apartments, Medical Facilities, Shopping Centers, and other commercial and residential property types.

Personalized Service

We're always responsive and in tune, and our tools and systems are tailored to support
your unique needs and preferences at every step.

Global Scale

We manage commercial and residential properties throughout the region and are
always working to expand and diversify our management portfolio. Our reach gives you
the advantage of scale, from best-in-class marketing tools to on-demand support.

Our managed properties
can earn 8 to 34% more
than unmanaged properties


We operate throughout the
region and have offices in
Paintsville, Pikeville,
Prestonsburg, and Louisa, KY